Promo-picAmericana duo, Steve and Kristi Nebel are currently promoting  their latest CD, “Tandem”.  “Tandem” was recorded live in Steve and Kristi’s studio, just the two of them singing side by side.  This internationally touring duo has been  performing  together for fifteen years, recorded ten albums as a duo,  and three albums as founding  members of  “The Madrones” and  “The Fabulous Filucies”.  Kristi Nebel has recorded a solo album of western swing, and Americana titled “Detour”.  Both of the Nebels sing lead, or harmony, and both of them play instruments, Kristi; bass guitar, and Steve; guitar.

The Nebels  are known for their “occupationally correct” songs dealing with life in Alaska and northwestern Canada.   In the winter of 1985 they left all of their worldly possessions in their rented house in Seattle (they hired a friend to pack the house and put their stuff in storage) for a job playing music in Nome, Alaska, where they spent five months.  Eventually they played from Nome to Ketchikan, and Dawson City to Prince George between 1985 and 1991, building  a repertoire of songs about the people they met, in 1990 releasing  those songs in an album, “Taking Off”.  Rusty Miller of  “Victory Review” says of this album “Some of it makes me laugh.  Some of it  makes me cry.  Some of it makes me real humble . . . but if  they were  to convene a concert . . . I’d scheme hard for a percentage  of the gate.”  Denise Sofranko of “Dirty Linen” says “the Nebels know how to take an interesting subject, draw you into the tale, and make you care about the people and places they chronicle”.

The original songs performed by Steve & Kristi Nebel have a folk or folk-rock sound, often with an American country music influence. They are becoming an item on the UK festival scene, having played several major folk festivals in the last few years.  The Nebels’ continue to grace Pacific Northwest festivals with their repertoire of songs that deal with the life, history, and topography of their beloved Pacific Northwest.   In 2001, 2003, and 2004, 2005, 2006 and 2008,  they toured the United Kingdom from Southampton, England to Argyll, Scotland.  For the last five years they have volunteered in many capacities as members of United For Peace of Pierce County, and the “Conversation”, both groups that give voice to the Nebel’s concern for social justice, including multiple benefit concerts, and helping to organize peace rallies, and the annual “SoJust” festival put on by the Conversation.  In August of 2009 the Nebels accompanied the “Journey of Repentance”, an anti nuclear group to Japan, and attended the anniversary of the dropping of the atom bomb in Hiroshima, and then Nagasaki.  The Nebels currently live in Tacoma, WA.

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